For NYC Pride 2019, Hyatt wanted to stand out from the crowd, literally. To do this, we created a parade float that embodied their brand messaging, “Stay As You Are”.

Using a Hyatt hotel bed we created a stage for performers to dance, snap pics, and show off their true colors.

I helped craft the script to showcase the excitement of the event, highlight Hyatt’s inclusivity, and celebrate the pride community.

To our surprise, the NYC Pride Parade made history as the largest LGBTQ+ event ever. With 5 million people in attendance, we were able to garner 244k impressions across Hyatt’s social.

Collab with Chris Cobb, Tia Hanke-Hills, Tanya Karpitskiy, and Eric Schroeder

Hyatt Pride Parade 456 1.jpg
Hyatt Pride Parade 2506.jpg